I Reviewed the Past Year, and Decided It Ain’t…

The Gospel Truth

It’s a strange process, to be sure: you think about all the things that have happened (and, in some cases, are still happening) and you wonder if it’s true, or just another made-up fairytale. How can we trust anything?

The irony of the term ‘The Gospel Truth’ is that the four Gospels from the New Testament may have been a complete fabrication, from start to finish. But, because we have been told from our childhood onwards that the story is real, it means that the Santa Claus effect is operating. What do I mean by that?

As children, we are told a magical story about an all-seeing, all-knowing, benevolent individual who, once a year, visits every household and leaves presents for us. Eventually, all children see through this ruse, and come to the conclusion that they have been lied to. The parents (and other adults) explain that the story was meant to bring a little magic into the children’s lives, and that no harm was intended.

Exactly true, except in the case of a family that doesn’t have the means to lavish loads of gifts on their children: they are not ‘worthy’ enough to enjoy the benefits. (And, as is often the case, the idea of Santa is racist, in the extreme: if you belong to another culture or religion, the story doesn’t quite ring true.)

Last year, and the year before, I discovered some interesting information (that was supposed to ‘fire my imagination’): in a past life, I may have helped to create the myth that is Jesus the Messiah. This is disturbing.

After midnight, I came to the conclusion that Jesus isn’t all myth and no trousers: Pontius Pilate did hang an individual that some purported to be “King of the Jews” and although no one can ‘prove’ this now, the records exist (and I’m not suggesting the Akashic versions only) that this ‘Jesus’ lived and died in the first century of our present system of keeping track of time. Pilate’s government would have had many such individuals put to death, citing them for inciting insurrection. (Guess what’s on my mind?)

In that past life, Tiberius Julius Alexander followed Pilate as Procurator of Judea but about 15 tears later. That means that, when it came time to create a prior life story for Titus, he had access to Pilate’s records.

Do you see what I’m getting at? A real, but itinerate, teacher of spiritual truth upset the religious leaders of the Temple at Jerusalem during the Passover feast celebrations. He was captured, tried and crucified. What happened later is a cover story to account for his body’s disappearance on the third day. And, although it was intended to quietly focus on Titus as their reincarnated Messiah, the Gospels instead took a different turn and created a new religion, Christianity.


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