Woody Allen: Time’s Up?


Dylan Farrow

This ‘story’ has been around for a long time now. When a child tries to explain something that happened to him or her, there is an almost automatic judgement made that it’s just imagination on the child’s part.

Look at that young girl’s face. Really look at her. Is she happy with her life? Does she feel safe?

He Said/She Said

When there are no witnesses, the world expects that the adult is the one telling the truth. The child must be mistaken somehow. And when the adult is a world-renowned writer, producer and director of films, everyone seems to side with him. After all, this came out when Mia Farrow was fighting for custody of her children after breaking up with Woody Allen.

But now Dylan is a grown woman, and she wants Woody to admit that he’s been lying all these years about what happened way back when.

2016 Time 100 Gala, Time's Most Influential People In The World - Lobby Arrivals

Let’s Check the Film Evidence



I would say that we’re not dealing with a well man, here.


No matter which side you and I are on in this delicate matter, one thing seems abundantly clear: Woody Allen will never work in Hollywood again.


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