Episode 8: “The Viscount Who Loved Me”

Bridgerton (Season 2)

Question: When is this Gentleman not a gentleman?

Answer: When he falls in love with the ‘wrong’ sister.

We started watching this season on Netflix last Friday night. We finished it yesterday. Where do I begin? The story line should be enough to excite the hearts and minds of women everywhere, but the plot has some glaring holes.

In season 1, Anthony caught his sister, Daphne, in a compromising situation with Simon, and immediately sought to get them married, before a scandal broke out. This time, Daphne catches Anthony in a similar situation with Kate and doesn’t say a word. Hmm.

It turns out that the book this season is based on is far more likely and enlightening. But that doesn’t help the viewer work out why things happened in a certain order, with a specific result that drives the narrative forward to the end.


For whatever reasons, the producers of Bridgerton rely almost totally on modern songs translated into chamber music. Whereas that trick of the mind should help viewers understand the message of whatever scene is being played out, I found it distracting, as I was trying to hum along with the tunes and remember the words. Material Girl by Madonna, for example, played in the background while the debutantes were being presented to Queen Charlotte. The message was clear, but completely out of character.

The second thing was the vibrant use of colour (and I’m referring to the dresses, not the characters). We might as well have been in France at the Palace of Versailles during the time of Louis XIV. I’m not sure the Georgian period was so garish, but I could be wrong.

Finally, the story reminded me of several classic novels, plays and recent TV dramas. Pride and Prejudice, obviously; The Taming of the Shrew, by Shakespeare; and even Downton Abbey. Is there really nothing new under the sun?

Overall, an Enjoyable Feast

I enjoyed it, nevertheless. And, no doubt, this series could run and run, as there are many children to marry off. But, for now, I’m just happy that Anthony and Kate found the courage to join their lives together. Long may they run.

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