From the Queen’s Press Secretary to a Media Scapegoat

Michael Shea (May 10, 1938 – October 17, 2009)

“The Crown” shows this man as the reason the Sunday Times had a story about how Queen Elizabeth II felt about her Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. We may never know what actually transpired, but it lit up the tabloid newspapers in July of 1986.

But what about the man at the centre of this ‘scandal’?

I have rectified his birth chart to show the age (48) when Michael Shea, instead of just telling the story to the press, became the story himself. And it is quite telling that he stepped down in 1987, one year later. He wasn’t ‘fired’.

The three Yods (interlinked by the common planet, Jupiter) speak of a man who was destined to have to choose between service to the Crown (Jupiter inconjunct to Moon and Pluto), telling the truth (Pluto inconjunct Jupiter and Ascendant) and obeying his Queen (Moon inconjunct Mercury and Jupiter). And just for extra effect, he has another inconjunct linking Mars and Midheaven. He was never going to be able to do his job without someone getting hurt.

Luckily for him, he also liked to write books, so even after he left Buckingham Palace, he was able to support himself and his family.

His autobiography was “A View from the Sidelines” (centre)

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