Account Reconciliation as a Symbol


Creating Harmony

It came up as a dream sequence last night. In my role as bookkeeper, I was attempting to reconcile the differences between an accounting system bank balance and the bank statement. It’s something that I did thousands of times in my banking and accounting careers. Why it should come up in a dream, I have no idea, but I suspect the seeds of it were sown by discussion in the news recently of attempts at reconciliation between indigenous people and the government.

Between every party to life itself are differences as to what should happen for the benefit of all. But those differences are usually exploited to keep us from seeking unity and harmony.

My dream was suggesting that when we identify the items that are the same, what we have left are very few differences. These can be reconciled, and by posting ‘correcting’ entries in one set of books or the other, these differences would disappear. Amen to that.

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