Was Hillary Right?


“You’re a Puppet”

During the third Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016, their words became focused on the matter of one (or the other) being a ‘puppet’. After watching the video again last night and I feel it all seems very prophetic.


Those of us, here in Canada, have a different point of view from the American public, mainly because we aren’t caught up in their bi-partisan politics. (We have our own, three-way fight, instead.) My own personal opinion, at the time, was that Trump was a nonsense candidate in order to make it easy for Clinton to win. In fact, his role was to knock out all credible opposition from the Republican Party, thereby ensuring history would be made with the first female President.

A Bridge Too Far

Obviously, the American people had a different idea, and they voted against Hillary strategically, so that even though she got three million votes more than Trump, the Electoral College chose Trump because of which states he won.

Didn’t you always wonder when Trump claimed that ‘the fix was in’ why he said that? I suspect he didn’t expect to win, and he was making excuses for his probable loss. His ego, being what it is, couldn’t abide the idea of losing.

But now the spectre of the idea that he won because of something the Russians did on his behalf has made him state out loud, “No collusion!” This he has done at every opportunity. Otherwise, his Presidency will seem illegitimate.


David Wilcock keeps coming to a conclusion that seems a little far-fetched about Trump: he’s a good guy working with the military and other world allies to take down the Deep State, and lock the bad guys up. In fact, David has almost gone as far as speculating that QAnon might be the President himself. At any rate, it bears reminding that all may not be as it seems.

Maybe the job of Mueller’s Special Investigation is to target those Deep State operatives, and the Russian investigation is just a cover. We may never know.


In the meantime, the American Media has decided that Trump is a ‘clear and present danger’ and they are determined to undermine his Presidency.

The real divide in the United States is not just between Republicans and Democrats, but the White House and everyone else. (Doesn’t that ring a few Nixon bells?)


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