Astrology: Whose “Fault”? Whose Fingerprints?

Trump as a Wannabe Napoleon

I don’t make these things up: astrology is very much like forensic psychology. If you look for the links, they are there to be seen. The French Revolution may be subtly beneath the surface of things, but it’s influence is definitely in the heavens above.

Like the comparison chart combining the Storming of the Bastille and the Capitol Breach of last week, the red aspect lines (of opposition and squares) are everywhere. The President is in the fight of his political life, and Wednesday’s ‘event’ was his last stand. The North Node/South Node axis is evident in both charts, and they are conjunct.

Gemini North Node — Sagittarius South Node

Here the individual receives an invitation to join society. His soul has come into this life with a past incarnation residue of wildness. As a result, he is unaccustomed to appreciating the point of view of others. The karmic continuation of a strong self-righteous attitude makes it difficult for him to be a fair judge of his own actions. As such his life is excessive. He is still attracted to the natural existence without formalities and will go far out of his way to avoid having any restrictions imposed on him.

He is used to being a free spirit and desperately tries to retain his sense of liberty at all costs. Whether married or not, the soul memory of his bachelor-like attitude makes it impossible for others to get too close to him.

Believing that actions speak louder than words, he makes his present life a kaleidoscope of rushed activity. He always tries to do too many things at a time, spreading himself so thin that he keeps losing sight of any central life theme.

In past incarnations he functioned on great reservoirs of nervous energy. Yet, for all his activities, he has not yet learned how to focus his attention in any one area. In this life he is still seeking expediency and finding himself forever the victim of short cuts that have to be repeated.

Unaccustomed to all the demands of society he tries to shirk responsibility. He feels that if he can just clear away all the business at hand as quickly as possible, he will then experience the freedom that society is trying to take away from him. And so, most of his time is spent trying to free himself. What he doesn’t realize is that each action creates an equal and opposite reaction. As a result he is actually making himself more imprisoned than before.

Always his nature is somewhat primitive. If he is selfish, it is done innocently. If he steps on others’ toes, it is because he is unaware they are there. Always he seems to miss the obvious, blissfully ignorant of the immediate circumstances around him. When it comes to social graces, he is so inexperienced that he appears to be the proverbial “bull in the china shop.”

In the current life, he is learning how to mix with the society he is benefiting from. Yet, still fearful of the reactions of people, he lives his life on the rim of the wheel, occasionally darting into the center of the hub, only to run back out again.

His past life experiences with people were lacking in the areas of cooperation, sociability and tact. Now he is striving to reach sophistication. He doesn’t yet know how to see a clear reflection of himself for he doesn’t understand that there are two sides to the same coin. Through his Gemini North Node, he will now undergo experiences which will force him to see both sides of every issue.

In this life, he is destined to learn what the world looks like through the eyes of others. Before he can understand why people seem not to listen to him, he must first put himself in their place. Ultimately he will come to realize that all the negative qualities he has been attaching to others are things he does not understand in himself.

Sometime he is a shouter in a library. No matter how sophisticated he pretends to be, he has so much past life residue of crudeness in him that it is bound to seep through at the most inopportune moments. This embarrasses him so much that he becomes determined to polish himself by paying attention to his mannerisms, habits, public behavior and particularly his mode of speaking.

Through his Gemini North Node, he will spend most of this life’s energy learning how to be adept at the art of communication. He now feels the need to educate himself, so that he can establish an identity in society.

At one time in the current life he will be faced with the conflict of whether to live in the city (Gemini) or the country (Sagittarius). While his basic nature for so many lifetimes would feel more comfortable in a country setting, he can learn much by adapting himself to the new experience of coping with city life.

Through his Gemini North Node, he must learn diplomatically to respect the rights of others if he is to help preserve a society which in prior lives he thought unimportant, but in this life is necessary for his very survival.

While his body cries out for sports, nature and the primitive life, his mind will eventually lead him toward a study of words, language and a reflection of his self-expression so that he starts to become a more humanistic part of te culture he lives in.

He is like the wild stallion desperately trying to fight being tames, and yet wondering what the experience might be like. In the midst of this seeming paradox he is a messenger of the lower and higher minds to all who come in contact with him. His past incarnations brought him to a natural understanding of the universe. Now his mission is not only for himself, but also to spread his understanding to the myriads of people that run through his life. Herein lies the mystical reason for his eternal restlessness. He has much to say and much ground to cover.

(from KARMIC ASTROLOGY: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation by Martin Schulman)


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