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Her Father’s Daughter: a Martyred Feminist?

Hypatia of Alexandria I was alerted to this individual by a post on Facebook, no less. Her death in 415 AD looks like a simple hate crime, and not because she was a proto-feminist but because she ‘knew’ too much, … Continue reading

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This “Hack” Saw the Truth

About the Saudi Crown Prince Jamal Khashoggi gave his life exposing the Saudi leadership under MBS (the media have decided his initials are enough, now). I asked for some insight into what happened to him, and received this flash of … Continue reading

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Sharon Tate: an Asteroid in Hollywood

A Star is Born to Die? If it hadn’t been for a special on the Manson Family murders last night, I would probably have not thought of doing this birth chart. But I’m glad I did. What really intrigued me … Continue reading

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John Lennon: Thirty-Five Years Later

When he was shot that fateful day in December 1980, Beatles’ fans everywhere felt that the life of their “Working Class Hero” had been cut short, in his prime, and his voice was silenced, forever. The Death of John Lennon … Continue reading

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