Her Father’s Daughter: a Martyred Feminist?

Hypatia of Alexandria

I was alerted to this individual by a post on Facebook, no less. Her death in 415 AD looks like a simple hate crime, and not because she was a proto-feminist but because she ‘knew’ too much, and could defeat any argument offered by her rivals.

Her Death Chart

Someone (a Canadian, I believe) said the date of her murder was the vernal equinox and the discussion was about what date Easter should be celebrated on. Somehow, I think, the second part is spurious, but the first part lends itself as a point in time for the ‘event’ chart. I chose 11:30 am local time to involve Mars with the Ascendant.

Notice how almost all the hard aspects focus on Jupiter (wide-ranging) in Virgo (virgin) in the 3rd House (of knowledge). This feels right.

Only the Moon in Capricorn in the 7th House is in opposition to Saturn. Saturn and Mars are both conjunct the Ascendant of Cancer. This is an reflective aspect as both the Moon and Saturn are in the natural signs of the other as ruler.

There is but one inconjunct:

Sun Inconjunct Jupiter

This can be an extremely useful aspect, if you learn to have more self-control in what you do. Jupiter is always high-spirited, wanting to do and encounter everything and enjoy life thoroughly. Yet in some combinations, it means that you are unwilling to work for what you want. You may feel that you are such a fine person that you deserve to have everything done for you. Certainly you are worthwhile in your own way, but that doesn’t give you the right to be taken care of without contributing your share. As with all Sun-Jupiter energies, if you learn to support others, to make them feel good and happy in your presence, you will get their support as well. Then there will always be someone to help you when you need it. But if you act arrogant[ly] towards others, they may not stay around to support you.

Some Hypatia Quotes



And Some Quotes About Her


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6 Responses to Her Father’s Daughter: a Martyred Feminist?

  1. Alas, one of the first scientists to suffer at the hands of those who wanted power, not knowledge. Gallileo nearly suffered the same fate, at the hands of the Vatican, if he did not bow down and take back his findings (as I understand it)…strange that the enlightened can so quickly rush to put out the lights of others, even if their new views are truth – A human trait not lost to time! Love your blog posts, so interesting!

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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    And, for those that are mindful of such things, I think I know who Hypatia became when she was reborn in the 20th century.


    • cdsmiller17 says:

      A five-pointed star appears in the middle of the combined charts of Hypatia’s death (H) and this individual’s birth (C): H ASC inconjunct C Neptune inconjunct H Venus inconjunct C Pluto inconjunct H Mercury inconjunct C Venus. The pentagram = the Goddess.


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