Is Melania Yet Another Reincarnation of Cleopatra?

She Does Have a Thing for Powerful Men

If it seems impossible that there are so many women who claim to be Cleopatra reborn, just remember what I have said about Sharon Tate and Marilyn Monroe: if a life is cut short, for any reason, the individual shatters into a million pieces in order to ensure a future existence that will complete the task.

If you think this lineup is speculative on my part, it is. But it does demonstrate that we’re all connected, in some way, through astrology and reincarnation. Although I’m fairly certain that the individual whom I previously identified as the reincarnation of Cleopatra, Hypatia and Sharon Tate is the One, it is abundantly clear that others may be involved in some current lifeform or another. This statement isn’t an admission of error, but an agreement as to what that individual said herself when discussing who Julius Caesar might be in the present timeframe. (And that may be a hint as to what transpires in the karmic return: there are public figures and there are private figures, operating at the same time.)

With Melania, her North Node is almost exactly conjunct Cleopatra’s ‘fatal’ Ascendant. All you other astrologers out there may be able to see the various karmic connections between Cleopatra and Melania, so I won’t flog this horse to death.

As usual, a picture is worth a thousand words…

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1 Response to Is Melania Yet Another Reincarnation of Cleopatra?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Maybe this explains why Melania seems to hold Trump in contempt. Imagine being in eternal love of Mark Antony and then being married to Nero…


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