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Please, Mister, Please, Don’t Play…

B-17 I know: I have a twisted sense of humour. The original lyrics for the song do not support this image… In the corner of the bar there stands a jukeboxWith the best of country music, old and newYou can … Continue reading

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Blame It on the Full Moon: Dream Image

Starlight Meter Sometimes (most times), when a message is being transmitted through a dream, the idea is disguised in several ways, in order to bypass the ego’s censoring (sensoring?) methods. In last night’s dream, I got hold of a light … Continue reading

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Was He a Lover or a Fighter, or Both?

William IX – Duke of Aquitaine (1071 – 1127) I came across an article about the troubadours, yesterday. Today, I looked at the man who may have ‘invented’ the precursor to the sonnet, as the first Troubadour. While reading his … Continue reading

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The Genius Behind (Neon) Rose, Toronto and ‘that’ Heart Song

Brian Allen It’s something special to see someone you know succeed in showbusiness. Brian Allen wouldn’t remember me: I was just another student on the school bus to Barrie from Camp Borden and Angus in the middle years of the … Continue reading

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When Barbra Met Barry

Guilty It was a matchup made in Heaven. These two giants of the music world made a hit album together. It was the staged Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper “Shallow” moment of the 80’s. See for yourself: And if I had reversed … Continue reading

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Lightfoot: A Winter’s Night

the snow is softly falling It is easy to forget how beautiful a song is until you unexpectedly hear it again in the middle of September. Susan and I tried out for a choir last Tuesday. The choir sings exclusively … Continue reading

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