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Three Mile Lake, 1960

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Fifty-Five Years Ago, This Month

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DNA: It’s All Relative

ancestryDNA When I heard that my sister, Anne, was contemplating having her DNA tested, I started to consider doing the same. The main reason for doing so was to discover who our maternal grandfather is. As my three sisters and … Continue reading

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This Is Us: ‘thirtysomething’ reborn?

Hidden in Plain Sight There is a link connecting these two television series even though they are 30 years apart: Ken Olin. I didn’t start watching “This Is Us” until the second season, in much the same way that I … Continue reading

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My Girls

If ever there were two dogs that should get along with each other, but don’t, it’s these two: Cloe and BeBe. Cloe is 11 years old, and now completely blind, having lost her eyes to glaucoma. She is the Alpha … Continue reading

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When children grow up together, there‚Äôs a constant battle going on for attention, supremacy, and individuality. It was the same in the Miller household when our girls were young. However, I had hoped that when they grew up this would … Continue reading

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