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“Go Home and Call (Make Peace with) Your Parents…”

It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn (2017) This is the book my son, Derek, gave me for my birthday, this year. Good choice. Thanks, son. . “Biological reality may be our inheritance, but it doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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One More Soldier in a Long Line of Military Men

James Blunt (February 22, 1974) James Blunt released his greatest hits album, yesterday. The image on the cover is startling. He’s dressed as a soldier. Oh, right, he used to be one, before he became a pop sensation in 2004. … Continue reading

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Honestly, You Cannot Make This Sh*t Up!

Did My Father Reincarnate as My Grandson? There I was, having a quiet afternoon nap, when this question crossed my mind. Could it be possible? Could my dad have come back as my son’s only son? Holy Cow, Batman! This … Continue reading

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

Hypocrite We’ve had a couple of bad examples of this tendency lately. Andrew Scheer, the outgoing Conservative leader here in Canada, has shown this ‘flaw’ before, but his recent ‘faux pas’ concerning the COVID-19 ‘rule’ of social distancing takes the cake. … Continue reading

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Three Mile Lake, 1960

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