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One More Soldier in a Long Line of Military Men

James Blunt (February 22, 1974) James Blunt released his greatest hits album, yesterday. The image on the cover is startling. He’s dressed as a soldier. Oh, right, he used to be one, before he became a pop sensation in 2004. … Continue reading

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Honestly, You Cannot Make This Sh*t Up!

Did My Father Reincarnate as My Grandson? There I was, having a quiet afternoon nap, when this question crossed my mind. Could it be possible? Could my dad have come back as my son’s only son? Holy Cow, Batman! This … Continue reading

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

Hypocrite We’ve had a couple of bad examples of this tendency lately. Andrew Scheer, the outgoing Conservative leader here in Canada, has shown this ‘flaw’ before, but his recent ‘faux pas’┬áconcerning the COVID-19 ‘rule’ of social distancing takes the cake. … Continue reading

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Three Mile Lake, 1960

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