DNA: It’s All Relative



When I heard that my sister, Anne, was contemplating having her DNA tested, I started to consider doing the same. The main reason for doing so was to discover who our maternal grandfather is.

As my three sisters and I have different fathers (theirs is Ruskin, mine is Ewart), it only made sense to have at least two of us find out what the common links are. As it turns out, Anne’s son also took the test, and our sister Rachel, whose results have just shown up on ancestry.

My Ethnicity

CDSM DNA Origins

If anything, I now have a clearer sense of why I was attracted to England from the tender age of eight or nine. 56% of my DNA comes from “Great Britain” (euphemism for ‘England’), with 26% coming from Scotland. The 10% “Europe West” relates to Dutch/German ancestors. The rest I have no idea about.

The staggering reality is that I now have 696 4th cousins or closer (as it stands at the present). When more people get tested the numbers will quite possibly grow exponentially.

Mom’s Father

So the mystery has been solved. All three of us siblings have a 1st cousin with whom two of us have now been in contact. She lives in Saskatchewan, and was born within the same 10 year span as us three. She and Anne have exchanged photos, and she looks like a sister. Her maternal grandfather would appear to be our common ancestor.

To maintain their privacy, I won’t be revealing his name, but if you are ever on ancestry.ca and want to see for yourself, take a peek at the CDSM Family Tree: it’s a public tree.



We all want to know where we come from, relatively speaking. The need to know must be part of our genetic inheritance. When you finally discover your origins, it leaves you with a liberating feeling: Know thyself.

know thyself

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