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Passport to Paradise: Return Trip or One-Way Ride?

At the Threshold of the New World (2nd Edition) I’m almost halfway through this book. It’s not a dull read, by any means, but it seems to go on and on, especially when describing the information she received from the … Continue reading

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New Testament Scriptures: Apostolic or Apologetic?

Forged (2011) The author of this book contends that most of the books of the New Testament are forgeries. That’s not really a surprise, unless you are a fundamentalist Christian and believe that the Bible is the “Word of God”. … Continue reading

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My Three Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) I was contemplating life, as you do, upon waking up this morning. I’d just had another one of those dreams where you know you’re in a dream and you know you shouldn’t be doing … Continue reading

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David Icke: The Perception Deception (or…It’s ALL bollocks – yes, All of it)

I’ve known about David Icke’s campaign to wake up the world since his infamous Terry Wogan interview in the early 1990’s. The things he says would be the subject of defamation lawsuits if anyone else had said them, but because … Continue reading

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The Wellspring: Channelling for the White Brotherhood

I had the opportunity to help the author get this book published in 1993. What Fenella Rundell wrote then is as relevant now as it ever was. Maybe we can take a few lessons here. Foreword The Wellspring cover When … Continue reading

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A Knight Journey: Awakening to The Power of Dreams

I was introduced to Samantha Carr (via Facebook) by my daughter Amy. Samantha’s book was published in 2009. A lot of her experiences echoed my own. I feel connected to her. Meet Samantha Carr Samantha Carr Birth Chart Samantha has … Continue reading

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