The Wellspring: Channelling for the White Brotherhood

I had the opportunity to help the author get this book published in 1993. What Fenella Rundell wrote then is as relevant now as it ever was. Maybe we can take a few lessons here.


The Wellspring cover

When Fenella Rundell first sent her manuscript to Suzanne Thomas for perusal, we had not yet decided to begin publishing books in earnest. After reading it, Suzanne passed the manuscript to me to see what I thought of it.

I must be honest about it: I am somewhat wary of “channelled” information; but there was something different about Fenella’s work — something I cannot put my finger on — but was definitely worth a second look.

So I read it again. I then realised that, although a lot of what Fenella has written down seems to be personal and/or group oriented, the content seemed to have a more “universal” feel to it. Taken at that level, it becomes an instruction manual for spiritual development.

Not everyone will appreciate what this book contains, but, as is true with the many approaches to the Fountain concept, it has an intrinsic value and that value grows with the sharing of it. So, I hope you will read the words with an open mind and let whatever Truth contained therein come into your conscious awareness. And enjoy.

Restrictive Bonds and Resistance

“Freedom always involves self-responsibility, self-control and inner peace, so there will be resistance, as you begin to see the freedom coming towards you, of holding those few chains around you like a blanket for security. But, as you come into the sunlight, you will feel the pressure more and more to shrug off that blanket because you will feel stifled, and stand naked in the sunlight.”

“This will give you some understanding of the story of the Garden of Eden: you must be prepared to stand naked and exposed in all that you are, in the full light of consciousness—with no shame, no need to protect yourselves, or to hide—complete, standing there in your own Being-ness.”

“Your fears will hold you back, in thinking that freedom means nothingness, but how will you know unless you try? To Be is to stand tall: holding nothing, having nothing, expecting nothing, doing nothing. It is indeed death to the ego. It is indeed death to all you have ever known—very frightening—and yet in the surrender you will find yourselves drawn through the heart: pulling you, pulling you towards the light, pulling you from the solar plexus. You want it, you yearn for it, you allow it, you accept it. It has no concern of past, present or future, it just IS.”

Divine Consciousness

“The mind of God is within each one of you. Divine consciousness is within all things. In looking inwards, you reconnect with the mind of God, transcending the pulls and stresses of ego, dissolving its grip, into a new level of understanding. You still feel an apprehension, a sense of unworthiness—not ready, maybe one day, but you know not when. But the time now has come, and the pull of the Universe is dragging you more and more into accepting who you are and your part in the whole scheme of things. The mind of God is within you. Let down the veils, let down the resistances, let down the fears, let down that sense of unworthiness; for it is no more than a trick of the ego that denies that you are who you are. You are a manifestation of creation. You are at-one with ‘All That Is’.”


Becky Falls

“As your higher consciousness begins to fill you, dissolving more and more the confines of ego, you will find that you will be able, very easily, to communicate with other realms and dimensions. You will begin to see the devas as well as the angelic realms. But do not expect to see with your physical eyes. You will see with knowingness, you will know who is there. You will be able to talk and to converse.”

But, please bear in mind that what you see is not available to all. There will be many whom you meet who are blind, who are still clothed in limitation. Be gentle with such people and do not frighten them. Your own awareness will tune-in instantly to their needs, and it is also important that they are not left in a sense of wretchedness and hopelessness when they begin to see that you differ from them. So, in all your dealings with humankind, tune-in and recognise ‘where they are at’. Always be gentle, always be compassionate and kind, for you do not serve the Universe if you have little sparks of ego showing themselves.”

Letting Down the Barriers

Peace will come to the world when mankind is prepared to listen to his own inner voice. All the while the ego triumphs, all the while men hold on to fears, then you will expect to see skirmishes and wars throughout the planet. It will take a while before humanity really accepts the futility of constantly being at war with his brother, when he continues to seek barriers that separate him and break down units into smaller and smaller components. The problems you are observing in Yugoslavia are but a small illustration of worldwide divisions.”

“Deep within men’s hearts, there is a knowingness that in time you must be a united planet. But, the tendency to hold on to old memories, to fears of loss of something—be it nationalism, or personal identity—a situation of barriers and separation will continue. You know not how long this situation will continue, but it raises in men’s hearts a fear of everything falling apart, and it is like the death throes of the old age, holding on to the existing form as it has been known and seen to work in ages past. But, know you that the New Age is coming. These barriers cannot be upheld. The time will come that, if the barriers are not let down voluntarily, circumstances through‘natural’ causes will break down the resistance, and you will have to learn to work together. There must be a balance between personal responsibility for your own back yard and active cooperation with your neighbour, finding a common cause and a common way of using world resources with wisdom, and in balance with the planet itself.


This book is no longer in print. If you would like a copy, let me know. I’m still in touch with Suzanne Thomas. She edits the “Fountain International Magazine”, which can be found here.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    “But whomever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a WELL of water SPRINGing up into everlasting life.” (John 4:15)


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