A Knight Journey: Awakening to The Power of Dreams

I was introduced to Samantha Carr (via Facebook) by my daughter Amy. Samantha’s book was published in 2009. A lot of her experiences echoed my own. I feel connected to her.

Meet Samantha Carr

Samantha Carr Birth Chart

Samantha has allowed me to post her birth chart here. She openly discusses her birth details, early life and health problems in the first chapter of her book. As we have seen with other spiritual people, these details are important for understanding where she is coming from. (Of significance is the South Node conjunct to her Ascendant, opposition to Pluto: this is a spiritually dynamic individual.)

Samantha Carr

Courtesy of Facebook

The back cover of her book explains more: A Knight Journey is a voyage of self discovery through the power of dreams. Far beyond that, this book explains how the author’s understanding of life has been stretched to new dimensions through direct experiences. This book shows how we can all experience, rather than believe in multi-dimensional reality.”

It goes on to describe Samantha’s methodology: “Throughout the book Samantha has labelled these experiences as ‘dreams’ because that is the simplest explanation for them, however, they are so much more than that. At times Samantha has been guided to new career opportunities, courses and relationships. At other times she has found herself flying in astral state over sacred sites and talking to multi-dimensional beings about UFOs and crop circles. She describes dream research into the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. Underpinning the whole of the book is the vibration of the Goddess and her wisdom which surrounds us all.”

Jesus and the Cross

A Knight Journey (cover)

As an example of her dream work, here is an extended quotation from her book, starting at page 66:

Around this period I began to have some more interesting dreams about esoteric subjects. In one of these dreams I was in a Catholic church at a wedding. I was sat at the back of the church and as I looked on at the ceremony I became very angry. I looked up at the stained glass image of Jesus on the cross and I jumped out of my pew and ran towards the priest. I was shouting “Jesus didn’t die on a cross — he died on a Tau!”

I woke up surprised at my anger and I laughed a little about the scenario. I couldn’t ever imagine being rude to a priest or shouting at someone’s wedding. I had no idea what a ‘Tau’ was or what this was a reference to. I just thought it was odd that my higher self should think that Jesus didn’t die on a cross when all the literature said this quite plainly.

Her dream interpretation work is then documented and she found quite a few literary and visual connections to the idea of Jesus dying on a Tau, including the idea that it may have been dream code for ‘Tao’, “The Way”.

Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:5-6)


Samantha’s book reads like a mystery novel, written as a first-person narrative. She hints several times, quite openly, that she may, in fact, be a Star Child. I heartily recommend that you find some time to read this book, too, as the experience will trigger a lot of unconscious memories and help you to discover your own Truth.

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