Sanctuary and Spiritual Guidance

Three Pines (2022)

When I first heard the title of this series on Amazon Prime, I thought, “Another ‘Twin Peaks’?” I was right, and I was wrong, at the same time. There is a strangeness element, but it isn’t so far-fetched and outlandish as that 1990’s show.

I guess what I like about this Quebec, Canadian show is the sensitivity and accuracy of the story lines. There’s no mistaking the MMIWG thread that runs through the first season, but behind that is the tragedy of Residential Schools, especially on the native population. These wounds run deep.

A Blue Jay has a Starring Role, too

In Indian totem symbolism, the blue jay is a guide. And so it proves to be in this village. Whenever the detective gets stuck, the blue jay shows up to provide a clue or two. And the significance is that the policeman has, not one but, two blue jay feathers in his possession (one of which was given to him as a child, just before his mother disappeared from his life). Interesting.

We are only halfway through the first season, but it is shaping up to be an excellent show; definitely not Twin Peaks.

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