The Death of John Dee’s Mother

Jane (Johanna) Dee Died on October 10, 1580 at Mortlake

Mortlake Green

Now this is going to sound like something out of The Twilight Zone. As I pointed out previously, my mother (in this present lifetime) and myself have a very special bond. It’s probably no different for other mother/son relationships, until you add in the karmic astrological aspects that we have in common. As I came across the following passage in John Dee’s diary, I wondered if it would indicate something for Mom and me.

Oct. 10th, the Quene’s Majestie, to my great cumfort (hora quinta), cam with her trayn from the court and at my dore graciously calling me to her, on horsbak, exhorted me briefly to take my mother’s death patiently, and withall told me that the Lord Threasorer had gretly commended my doings for her title, which he had to examyn, which title in two rolls he had browght home two howrs before; she remembred allso how at my wive’s death it was her fortune likewise to call uppon me. At 4 10 of the clok in the morning my mother Jane Dee dyed at Mortlak; she made a godly ende: God be praysed therfore! She was 77 yere old.

The Diary of Dr. John Dee

If the entry hadn’t been so time specific, I wouldn’t have thought any more about it.

Pluto in Aries on the Descendant is interesting, is it not? And the Grand Trine linking Mercury, Mars and Saturn/Uranus is auspicious. But what links this to my mother?

Do you see the close conjunctions? There are a lot of links, suggesting reincarnation.

I have these connections, too. But the one that convinces me of the truth of this family link is the very close conjunction of Jane’s ‘fatal’ Moon and my natal Moon.

It’s definitely my Mother and Child reunion…

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2 Responses to The Death of John Dee’s Mother

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    However, having ascertained that Edward Kelley is more likely to be my past life during the 16th century, I probably need to explain one small point: my mother didn’t recognize me when I was born to her in this life. I suspect John Dee and Edward Kelley communicated with Jane Dee after her death, since EK (as John Dee would refer to him) didn’t come into Dee’s life until two years after she died.


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