John Dee’s Associate in All Things Mystical

Edward Kelley (Born August 1, 1555)

Now, I have a reason for looking at this particular individual: it’s called curiosity.

This chart was already on my Kepler 7.0 computer program, so I’m not going to look at a gift horse in the mouth. At any rate Wikipedia states that Edward Kelley was born at 4 pm, based on diary notes of John Dee. Where the authors of the Kepler program got the extra 32 minutes, I have no idea. At any rate, his Ascendant is 5 degrees from mine.

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect can have several different meanings. First of all, you may have hidden fears that are difficult to express, but they cause you to do things that others can’t understand. These may include fear of the dark or of certain places or people. Or this aspect can mean that you often feel depressed and sad for no apparent reason. You tend to see the serious side of life, and it weighs on you more than on most people.

A particularly serious problem can be feeling suspicious of others, which later in life will turn into a cynical attitude about people’s behavior. True, it is good to be aware of the realities of life and not over idealistic. But you shouldn’t look at life in the worst possible light. You need to be surrounded by positive and optimistic people, and your parents should try not to be too negative around you and to make sure that you experience the best and most cheerful aspects of life. You will learn soon enough what to expect of the world without having your nose rubbed in its less desirable features.

On the plus side, this aspect can make you a very careful thinker. You may not attempt anything beyond your abilities as you see them, but whatever you do attempt will be done very well, You are a neat and careful worker.

Mars Conjunct Uranus

[Here’s that sudden “lightning strike” aspect again…]

As you are growing up, you may be a real handful for your parents and other adults. Part of you likes to disrupt, surprise and unsettle people. You are restless and unconventional, and you respond very badly to pressure, especially from teachers and parents. At you most difficult, you are rash and headstrong, making sudden moves without thinking about the consequence. In some cases, this can cause accidents, so you should learn to be very careful in situations that might be dangerous. If you don’t feel entirely in control of yourself, stop doing anything that involves danger.

You are strongly freedom oriented, but the problem with your attitude toward authority is that you feel that any restriction is a threat to your being. Any kind of limitation brings out the disruptive side of your personality, and you put all your energy into asserting your own way of being. If you want to get along in the world, you must develop some self-discipline, although most people with this aspect manage to get their own way most of the time. These people are definitely eccentrics according to the rest of the world, and you will be too. Fortunately you have the courage to be your own person.

The Cropped Ears

Anthony à Wood records in Athenae Oxoniensis that Kelley, “being about 17 years of age, at which time he attained to a competency of Grammar learning at Worcester and elsewhere, was sent to Oxford, but to what house I cannot tell. However, I have been informed by an ancient Bachelor of Divinity who in his younger years had been an Amanuensis to Mr Thomas Allen of Gloucester-hall, that he (Kelly) had spent some time in that House; whereupon I, recurring to the matriculation, could not find the name Kelly, only Talbot of Ireland, three of which name were students there in 1573, 74, &c… This relation being somewhat dubiously delivered to me, I must tell you that Kelly having an unsettled mind, left Oxford abruptly, without being entitled into the matricula.” According to some accounts, Kelley was pilloried in Lancaster for forgery or counterfeiting. Both his ears were supposedly cropped, a common punishment during the Tudor Dynasty. He usually wore a cap on his head, and it was thought this was to hide his lack of ears. John Weever says, “Kelly (otherwise called Talbot) that famous English alchemist of our times, who flying out of his own country (after he had lost both his ears at Lancaster) was entertained with Rudolf the second, and last of that Christian name, Emperor of Germany.” Some accounts say that he first worked as an apothecary’s apprentice: some say he worked as a notary in London

The Early Years (Wikipedia)

The only reason I am highlighting this ‘punishment’ is that it ties in with a psychic assessment connected to me, conducted by my friend Cat in 2017. I assumed it had to do with Sinon, of Trojan Horse fame, but I may have been wrong. It might be Kelley’s life.

So now I’m thinking:

If I’m Edward Kelley reborn, is my connection to John Dee by association only?

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Evidently, Edward Kelley did not succeed in turning base metal into gold, except with himself.


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