Be Honest Now: How Many Social Bubbles Are You In?

COVID-19 is Contagious, Isn’t It?

It’s been on my mind, lately. It’s all well and fine to suggest that gatherings of ANY kind should be limited to 10 people, but that’s not really what causes this virus to spread. It’s the ‘bubbles’ that intermingle: family, work, school and meetings. One ‘infected’ person could touch as many as fifty people in the course of their everyday lives.

The idea of ‘herd immunity’ is also being ruled out, now. It’s looking more and more like vaccinations are the ONLY way to defeat this pandemic.

In the meantime, everybody should be following this social gathering flow chart:

And Then There’s Political Rallies…

This may be a photo from 2019

By anyone’s standard, there are two narratives playing out in front of everybody during this election year: one side is being socially ‘responsible’; the other is thumbing its nose at the disease. No wonder the ‘second’ wave is turning out to be much worse than the first. People at Trump rallies have masks, but not everyone is wearing them.

Who’s right?

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, you have to be smarter than COVID-19. If you aren’t, you will cause someone in your bubble(s) harm, without meaning to. Trump says it will all go away right after the election: we shall see.

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