Rocking the Housewife Vibe

Helen Reddy (October 25, 1941 – September 29, 2020)

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This might seem a strange post to anyone who follows me here on WordPress, but it’ll make some sense when you read on. I watched I Am Woman on Netflix last night, and I was surprised by how many of her songs I recognized, sometimes just by the opening notes. The 1970’s were a long time ago, but I guess some things never really leave you.

Helen Reddy personifies the second-wave women’s movement. Her greatest hit became the anthem for those that wanted to get the American Constitution ERA passed. It never did happen, but not for the want of trying. The amazing thing was that she just wanted to be a housewife when she grew up. That was her teenage rebellion. Marriage didn’t last, and she married three times. This brings me to her birth chart:

Most birth charts list 5:50 pm as her birth time. Really? That seems upside-down and backwards (Australia, notwithstanding). I flipped it to 5:50 am, and then further refined it to just 5:00 am because it seems to fit her better. The chart is rectified to her getting married at age 20. Her success is shown by the Saturn/Uranus conjunction which is timed to her mid-30’s. Her Sun is in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius, the Ascendant in Libra. That explains her privacy in her home life, the restlessness of her chosen career, and her need to have a (mostly) peaceful marriage. They don’t rest easily on anyone…

One Yod, pointing at Uranus, from inconjuncts to her Sun and her Moon. Uranus is the planet of lightning strikes (in a good way). This is the energy that having a #1 can bring.

Her Jupiter in Gemini on the 9th House cusp seems to direct our attention to her death, less than three weeks after the bio-flick was released to the greater world.

Her obituary says that she died during the afternoon. The timing of this chart is randomized. Throughout 2020, we have been looking at the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto combination in a global sense. This one brings it back to the personal sense. If the time of her death is any later, these three planets would have been activated by the transiting Ascendant. So, I cannot say in all honesty which time is the correct one.

Looking at the combined charts gave me the satisfaction that maybe 1:15 pm was the right time. The ‘fatal’ Ascendant was transiting her ‘natal’ Moon. It was time to ‘let go’ of everything and fly away.

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