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Scandal at St. Mike’s

St. Michael’s (Catholic) College, Toronto In some ways, it was a story waiting to happen: media outlets inform the police that an indecent video is being shared on the internet. The incident happened at a Catholic boy’s private high school. … Continue reading

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The American Dream: Is It Over?

A discussion in five images = 5,000 words…

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The Old Folks at Home?

Sitting on the Porch in Rocking Chairs The Carol Burnett Show used to feature a skit of a couple of seniors discussing their lives. The payoff was almost always the same: he’d make a gentle pass at her and she … Continue reading

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Passing of a Legendary Photographer

  Glenn Capers (1950 – 2017) I heard yesterday that Glenn had died on Monday of this week, in Colorado Springs. He was 67. I had the honour of erecting his birth chart, with his permission. Here it is:   … Continue reading

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  Time races away All traces that stay Of Youth and Truth; Climb replaces a pace That has no place For quests or rests; Rhyme without a base Becomes a race Of fools for jewels.   Pain kills all thoughts … Continue reading

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Modern Servitude

A Slave by Any Other Name…   I usually don’t write about social issues, at least. not directly. But a recent line of thinking has made me ponder: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Most people coming to … Continue reading

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You I See, and Me

  In 1978, I moved my ‘new’ family to British Columbia, At the same time, I transferred my Unemployment Insurance claim from Ontario to BC. It took the longest time to get it sorted out. We had to live with … Continue reading

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De Mock Race, He!

  I must have been a precocious teenager. I wrote a lot of poetry, most of which was about relationships (mostly failed ones) and a few poems about social issues. The following poem strikes me now as being especially precious: … Continue reading

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