Has the USA Become an Angrier Society?

Because of a Breakdown in Family Values?

Maternity leave is universal in most western countries, but does not exist in federal law in the United States. It’s not hard to work out why, especially with the national debt crisis that the government goes through on a regular basis. Lawmakers are loathe to spend money on socialism when the returns, in their opinion, are so very low. There may also be a racial element here, as the ones producing larger families are not white Anglo-Saxon protestants (WASPs). In other words, why pay some mothers to stay home to produce even more children? That particular view is short-sighted, but completely understandable, especially if you’re afraid that your race will be wiped off the map at some point in the future.

Just a point of order: this disintegration of values is happening everywhere, not just in America.

But this may be the reason for gun violence: people are angry; they feel disenfranchised; and the politicians have stoked the fires with conspiracy theories and disinformation. The 2nd Amendment rights are their only protection in a world of violence and hate. Oh, now it makes sense…

So, in truth, the American government is powerless to make change unless it’s willing to alter the family dynamics of an entrenched society.

Ellie Dreams Down Under tackled this same question today…


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