An “Unholy” Performance at the Grammy Awards

Sam Smith and Kim Petras (Duo or Group Winners)

Talk about putting the wind up the sails of Fundamental Christians in America! Because they don’t understand the British sense of humour behind this performance, they don’t recognize a “wind-up”.

In some ways, this can be seen as a step too far. Usually, as David Wilcock has pointed out in the past, a lot of Grammy performances have a nuanced ‘devil worship’ element. This one was full-on, in-your-face.

But here’s the point: Satan isn’t the only one who wears red, which in the Catholic tradition, means that the Cardinals’ sins are washed clean in the blood of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Hmm.

Everything I’ve ever done
Everything I ever do
Every place I’ve ever been
Everywhere I’m going to

It’s a sin
At school they taught me how to be
So pure in thought and word and deed
They didn’t quite succeed

It’s a Sin (by the Pet Shop Boys)

As for the Fundamental Christians, they are rushing in where wise men fear to tread: LGBTQ2+ individuals are already outside the sanctity of organized religion, as far as these people spouting judgement about ‘others’, like Sam Smith (non-binary) and Kim Petras (trans female). Do you think Smith and Petras care what is being said about them? They are not going to hell, no matter what their judges think: hell is already here, on earth, and always has been.

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