Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio


Pyramid Sales?

This is weird. Researching the Fibonacci sequence, I came across this Fibonacci tree image and immediately thought of pyramid selling or Ponzi schemes. The difference, as my wife pointed out, is that the image would ordinarily be inverted.

But it did get me to thinking that human behaviour is absolutely predictable, and the Golden Ratio (φ) is at the root of it. Phi = 1.61803399. Watch this video for more insight:


The Fibonacci Sequence

So how does the sequence work?

1 DCmmr2gq_XUlV-e_elgMYA

Simply stated, the next number is always the sum of the two proceeding numbers. But their significance doesn’t show up until you plot the information in a graph:



Is it relevant to humans, or only just plant life?


As was noted in the video, weather patterns also follow the sequence.


So what are we to make of this?


We think we stand above nature, and yet, time and again, we see that we really are just one part of the puzzle. Physically, we are of the Universe, so whatever ratios are at work in nature are also at work in us.

This whole pattern was highlighted in last night’s episode of God Friended Me and I’ve been pondering it ever since. Maybe God is at the centre of the sequence… who knows?


Spiral of Time


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