About Last Night…

Lucid Dreaming

When I woke this morning, I had two bits of information that were featured in last night’s dream:

The term “extra merit”; and the flag of Mexico.

On their own, these bits don’t yield any direct meaning to me, but they do help me to remember the rest of the dream, which took place in a strange town in England. The timing was middle-to-late 1986, because of the ages of my girls, and the way my second wife looked. We were trying to order food from a take-out restaurant, after picking up an empty food tray from another restaurant. We couldn’t make up our minds, and while I tried to return the food tray to the previous establishment, Suzann decided she didn’t want to eat at this new place, so she and the girls left. I spent (seemingly) hours trying to track them down, only to realize that they were in the rear of the restaurant, behind some heavy curtains.

So what? When I heard the term ‘extra merit’, my brain added ‘al’ making it “extramarital”. Oh-ho, says I. Now I know what this is about. But the flag of Mexico is a blind for me. Maybe something is going to be news today, involving Mexico, or else that confusing take-out menu on the wall was Mexican.

At any rate, my advice is (if you can) to always try to remember your dreams, as they contain coded messages that will need reviewing later. And lucid dreams can mean that you are really there in spirit.

Image courtesy of The Guardian

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