Ready Player One: Film or Movie?



Less than a week to go now

I was reading a interview that Steven Spielberg gave about this upcoming extravaganza. He used the terms ‘film’ and ‘movie’ in a way that I hadn’t thought about before.

His point was that most of the time he makes movies, but when he cares how it will be received (“in the seat right next to you”) he makes a film. Wow, that was news to me.

When I Google the difference, I get the meaning that movies are made to make money, and films are made to satisfy the artist/director. That will be how I will see them from now on.

This one is different

Spielberg thinks this one is a film, even though it will be a very successful movie. He says that’s because there are so many 1980’s references (a decade that he has had a profound effect on) that he sees this as a homage to the gamers of the time period. And the adults of the present day were teenagers then. It will be phenomenal, I predict.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to have a VR moment and see it in 3D. The lesson in what the future could be like will be quite informative.

And enjoy yourself, while you’re at it.

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