Is There a Cosmic Will?


Dennis Elwell (16 Feb 1930 – 13 Nov 2014)

If, astrologically, behind each planet and sign can be traced a recognisable will or intent, it argues that the universe itself, considered as a single entity, must have its own overriding will or intent; for the reason that the parts can do no other than reflect what already exists in the whole. What we discover in the nature of each planetary holon singly, instructs us as to the nature of the system in which they are organically embedded, We arrive at a view of the universe as a self-directing, self-aware system, embracing all levels of being.

Indeed, if we humans, as part of the total system, are able to will, able to decide, resolve, conceive goals and work towards them, it suggests that the cosmos itself possesses the same faculty or something like it, again because within an interrelated system — which physics implies the universe to be — nothing can arise that in some sense is not already present in the whole. Any organism on earth that is capable of purposeful action has not summoned up that capacity unaided out of its own resources.

The conclusions that will and consciousness must be attributes of the universe as a whole if they are found in human beings, came through with especial force in the older conception of man, in which he, more than any other creature, was a universe in miniature, and the universe an enlarged man.

Cosmic Loom (page 119)

This is precisely how I imagined the Universe when I was still quite young.


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