The Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster


Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology (1987)

Previously, I have highlighted a few books that have inspired me to write about Astrology. For example, Cosmos and Psyche made sense, for me, of the cycles that seem to run parallel to our lives here on earth. But it was Dennis Elwell‘s book that started me off, all those years ago.

I heard Dennis speak at a lecture at Oxford University in 1987. (It was a weekend retreat only, I didn’t attend there.) He was very enthusiastic about his subject matter, and I found his work to be quite credible.

At one point he referenced a recent ferry accident which had happened the weekend before, saying that the two planets on either side of the Sun in the chart made the Astrologer in him take special notice:

Herald (Mercury) and Free Enterprise (Jupiter). That perked my ears up.

The History


MS Herald of Free Enterprise was a roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ferry which capsized moments after leaving the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on the night of 6 March 1987, killing 193 passengers and crew. (Wikipedia)


(One picture is definitely worth a thousand words.)

The Chart


The Human Spirit

The Yod (Finger of God) that dominates this chart involves Neptune, Pluto and the Moon.

Moon Inconjunct Neptune

People with this aspect often hide their real feelings and make sacrifices for others that they do not really want to make. Then they resent the person who asked for the sacrifice. You must learn to tell people how you really feel; if you do not, you have only yourself to blame for what happens. You must learn to accept that you are responsible for your own life. Do not act as if you are the victim of strong forces that you can’t control, because you can control them.

Moon Inconjunct Pluto

This aspect means that your emotions are very intense and not always easy to deal with. Often your feelings make you want to do or say something without knowing why […] If you do not feel accepted and emotionally supported at home, you may constantly feel guilty for what you think you have done to others…

Because Pluto is opposite Mars, the accident has a more cosmic feel to it.

Mars Opposition Pluto

You sometimes find it difficult to get along with others. You may feel picked on, as if people were working against you for no particular reason. However, that is not usually true. But without being aware of it, you may be doing things that set others against you. You are very intense about yourself, and you may give the impression unknowingly that you will do whatever you want and that nothing and no one will stand in your way. This can scare people, even when you have no intention of doing so. And sometimes you do get an idea in your head that you pursue relentlessly. At times you feel that no one has the right to get in your way, and you will fight tooth and nail to overcome any obstacle. You are quite a fighter, and your temper may not always be under control. You need to expend that energy in hard work.

It is becoming quite clear that this accident is the result of human error.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus

This aspect occurs only once every forty-five years; the last time was in 1942. It signifies a heavy internal tension that can have both creative and difficult results. At its most difficult, it may make you feel restless and irritable, not knowing whether to go forward or backward. This in turn creates tension, and you try to get away from whatever is causing the conflict. If this process goes too far, you may suddenly make a rash and impulsive move simply to get away from the tension by any means at all.

Because both Saturn and Uranus are in opposition to the Midheaven, the timing could not have been worse.


I have been writing about the Astrology of historical events since the early 1990’s. None of this is ‘new’ but over the years it has yielded some very interesting results.

I can thank Dennis Elwell for lighting the fire, as it were. Without him, I might never have taken this path.

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