Somewhere, Over the Rainbow


A young Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz

That’s Where You’ll Find Me

I wasn’t going to do the birth chart for this Hollywood Star, until I thought about her ‘accidental’ death in 1969.

So, let’s get the first part out of the way.


According to this record of birth, Francis Ethel Gumm was born at 6 am on June 10, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. As the divisions of vital statistics were not interested in recording the exact time of birth, they would round the time up to the nearest hour. A note at the bottom of another birth chart record suggested that a biographer (Gerald Frank) gave her birth time as 5:30 pm. Well, that doesn’t really gibe very well with the birth certificate, but it did give me cause to alter my chart’s birth time to 5:30 am.


The change effects very little, except it makes a stronger case of her mother (Moon) being in opposition to her birth (Cancer Ascendant)

Your relationship with your mother will have a great deal to do with the kind of person you choose for a lover or marriage partner when you are older. If your relationship with your mother is difficult, or if she seems distant or is simply not around when you need her, when you are older you will look for a partner who will be a “mother” to you. This can be a problem unless you find someone who is willing to be both partner and mother.

And Pluto gets to ‘colour’ her whole life by being in the 1st House.

You are a very intense person who takes almost everything seriously. If an activity isn’t important enough to warrant throwing your whole self into, you feel it isn’t worth doing. You tend to go to extremes, which may make other people uneasy. You have to understand that others are afraid of experiences that you find interesting.

Also, note the Sun Opposition Mars (12th House/6th House axis) dynamic.

Probably you have plenty of courage and confidence in yourself. As long as you can keep from becoming rash and self-centered you will be all right. Others will admire your strength and determination, if not always your sense. Your basic task is to learn to channel this energy, not suppress it. You actually need contests with others to help you find yourself. If you suppress this need and hold the energy down, you will feel a sense of repressed rage that will spring out at the worst possible moments.

The “Accidental” Overdose


First of all, no one knows the exact time of Judy Garland’s death. Secondly, the energies of the day, when compared with the birth chart, stay in effect for almost the whole time. Only the Moon will move to any great extent. As her body was found by her fifth husband, in the bathroom, I’m going to assume that her death was in the middle of the night. By doing that, the Fatal Midheaven matches her Natal Moon, and the Fatal Sun matches the Natal Mercury.

We’ve seen another death chart which shows an intentional suicide. That one had some ‘supporting’ energy which carried the person away on a “perfect storm”. This one has far more ‘conflict’, but there are a couple of ‘supporting’ links. So, my instinct is saying that the thought of suicide was there, but not the intention. (According to the police reports, there were pills left over, so that speaks to the idea of an accidental barbiturate poisoning.) Who says Astrology can’t help us understand what really happened?



Judy’s happiness (as shown by this 1969 photograph with her fifth husband, Micky Deans) was short-lived.

She chased the rainbow throughout her whole life, and now she’s a part of the firmament herself.

Rest in Peace, Judy.

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