Reincarnation: And Now Back to the Show…

Adele and Judy Garland

I knew I should have slept on it, overnight. There was always something about Adele’s makeup that reminded me of Judy Garland, but I couldn’t put my finger on it: the heavy eyeliner and red lipstick.

It wasn’t until I saw a photo of Adele without either, published on her 33rd birthday, that the penny dropped. And I’m not the only one to finally make this connection:

Adele’s latest album 30, which is her first in six years, has been heralded by critics as the singer’s best work, as her “ferociously” honest tracks recalled the likes of Judy Garland and Gene Kelly from the golden age of Hollywood.

Irish News

But will the comparison stand up to astrological scrutiny?

The most obvious link is between Adele’s and Judy’s natal Ascendants: only 1° apart (and Judy’s ‘fatal’ Sun is within 5°, conjunct Judy’s natal Mercury). Judy’s ‘fatal’ North and South Nodes are within 5° of Adele’s. Adele’s Sun/Jupiter aspect is conjunct Judy’s ‘fatal’ Venus, while Judy’s ‘fatal’ Midheaven and her natal Moon are conjunct Adele’s Moon/Saturn/Uranus combination. But is that enough ‘proof’?

The body image difference is startling. Judy developed anorexia in her later years, fearing the fact that her fans might abandon her if she gained weight. Adele doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her body size. That makes this an interesting progression of thought between two (connected) lives. If you add it up, this makes sense, as does the fact that Judy loved being in England. The connection is clear.

And so is the pathos.

Close your eyes and listen to this song:

Never has Adele sounded so like Judy… hmm.

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