Is Trump the Antichrist?


The Number of the Beast

This post was triggered by a comment on my cousin John’s post about Trump yesterday. Here’s what John Miller wrote on Facebook:

Every decent living soul should be filled with revulsion at the unthinkable debate that has begun in the United States today. Unthinkable because politicians and religious leaders are actually arguing the merits of jump-starting the economy at the cost of human lives. No one knows how many might die or how those to be sacrificed will be chosen. It’s greed over humanity, one of the divides that plagues that society at the present time. Greed is winning and everything else that might inform and inspire us in these troubling times–like science, medicine, human decency, compassion, empathy and changing our behavior to help others–is losing ground. For God’s sake, it’s time to pull together and continue to make sacrifices for the common good. Until this plague is over and we can all be on hand to do the hard work that follows to make our society whole again. Protecting life is more important than protecting wealth. The immoral debate that is starting will hasten the further decline of a once-great society and deliver to Trump and his billionaire cronies (who are really behind it) their filthy lucre at our expense. Wake up!

One of John’s friends, Phillip Rossiter wrote:

It started before the Trump era but he has accelerated it beyond belief. His only concern ever was his personal wealth. That requires paying off his cronies in the same manner. WAKE UP is indeed the call to make. Why does the bible belt support this amoral creature????

Good question, eh?

My first thought was that his Bible Belt supporters believe him to be the Antichrist as foretold in Revelation, and are now awaiting the Second Coming of Christ. Well, that’s partially correct. The difference is that, as the reincarnation of Nero, Trump must be the Beast, instead. That description fits him better.

The Antichrist is an imitation of the Christ. That means he or his organization must be religious. Now we’re in different territory. Because the Antichrist is ‘instead of’ Christ, the evangelicals may be his base. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to speak of a “False Prophet” instead.

So, who’s at the right hand of Trump? Mike Pence.


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3 Responses to Is Trump the Antichrist?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    I have specifically avoided calling Trump the Antichrist because some Biblical scholars think the Antichrist is a religious movement. Make America Great Again?


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