Reincarnation: Educating Our Soul


Leading Ourselves Out of Darkness to Light

I wasn’t sure what to call this post, so I slept on it. The idea was to highlight why we get to continue learning our life’s lessons even after death. If we go back to the very beginning, the concept may be easier to grasp.

We were created as spirits. The use of incarnation as a way to understand life was something we all ‘signed up for’. We thought it would be simple, until we landed in these bodies. Then it all got confusing.

Michael Newton: Life Between Lives


Shirley MacLaine, in her book Sage-ing While Age-ing, discusses the whole purpose of reincarnation through her understanding of Dr. Newton’s work:

“The masters teach that we have all been abusers and abusees over the course of our soul’s journey through time. Life is the schoolroom, our souls the students. The curriculum is the history of who we are and have been. So past-life therapy is actually quite common in psychological treatment today.

“What is not so common is the use of therapy that informs the client of his or her life between lives. Dr. Michael Newton has hypnotically regressed thousands of people in his long career. He has stated that among his clients who wish to explore their life between lives experiences, as souls after former lives, most are able to do so if they can achieve a deep trance state. Then they are capable of seeing how they prepared and chose the next life’s experience. I find that very fascinating.

“It all began for Dr. Newton with one of his first patients, who was suffering from excruciating body pain in certain areas of his body. He put the patient into deep hypnosis (Newton is a hypnosis therapist) and asked him to go to the source of his pain. Suddenly, the patient said he was on a battlefield in World War I, being bayoneted. Newton, amazed and incredulous, asked many questions, including his name, rank, serial number, date of birth, etc. The man was English. Newton later went to England to the British War Museum, the War Office, etc., and long story short, all the dates and events coincided with the patient’s recall. He was receiving referred pain from his last past life in his last physical body! Newton worked with him to release the memory of the pain, and when the patient woke, he was healed.

“Just as we relive present-day problems from our childhoods, we relive pain from our past-life problems. Our conscious and the unconscious mind are our finest doctors of diagnostics, if we only knew how to access the knowledge. Our souls are never at rest. They are constantly working, evaluating, accessing, and experiencing. One of the reasons we need sleep is because the soul needs to touch and connect with the unconscious to access its experience to figure things out.” (pages 240-241)

“According to the patients Dr. Newton has regressed, they say each life builds on the next one like a spiral, the soul realizing and evaluating what it needs to face and perfect. After the souls review and select their next body in the life selection area of the spirit world with the help of their guides, they prepare for departure and their next incarnation. All souls returning to Earth enter the fetus in the mother’s womb after the third month. Within the first trimester there is not enough developed brain tissue to interact and work with in the baby. Souls join with the fetus between the fourth and ninth month, according to Dr. Newton. A small percentage of his clients report joining late in the ninth month during some lives, but this is uncommon because of the time it takes to properly meld with the brain.

“Before entering a new mind and body, a soul peruses the DNA, the neurological map, and the karmic pattern of the family it will be entering into. A soul is always given a choice as to what it wants to experience and learn next time around. It’s given a choice of bodies (male or female; many souls alternate so they can be more understanding of each).” (page 243)

“Really advanced souls are androgynous because they reflect the complete and perfect balance of the yin and yang in the soul itself. Most of the advanced spirit guides in ‘heavenly place’ are androgynous. But even they are still learning, so they will decide on a gender for the time being to learn from that. Dr. Newton said there was such a consistency to the reports of those under hypnosis that he tends to make them a scientific set of facts. The religious or social backgrounds had little effect on what they reported. Once they were in hypnosis, they were all experiencing the same method of learning.

“One man reported it took him four thousand years to conquer his jealousy. He finally learned he didn’t need it anymore. All of the regressed souls said their joy and freedom was boundless after death and that funerals were stupid and only for the living. ‘Death rituals are for those who are still in the body,’ they say” (page 245)

But What Happens if We’ve been Evil like Hitler?


“Going before the Council of Elders who have all incarnated on other planets at various times comes as close to being in the presence of God as a soul can imagine. The energy of the Council is of such high spiritual intelligence that they seem to be in the center of the god-force itself. All regressed souls reported they couldn’t ‘get away’ with anything because all truth is known. The most important thing they learn is that intention is everything.

“The concept of hell is an Earth-defined idea. It doesn’t exist. All souls are held accountable but not punished. Each soul is evaluated by the continuum of his or her lifetimes, not just one. That information is stored in the Akashic Records. If a soul is unable to overcome the damage he perpetuated on Earth, he is never judged in heaven; he is held accountable and worked with. Never is there the concept of blame. They said we are our own worst critics, and in the end of the learning process everyone takes responsibility for what he or she has done and is given an opportunity in the next lifetime to make amends and correct the damage.

“When a ‘negative’ soul enters the spirit world at the gates, he or she is taken to a ‘clearinghouse’ where they enter another dimension. Hitler, for example, went to a clearinghouse dimension, as did others whose intention was so horrifyingly cruel. There is a difference, apparently, between wrongdoing and premeditated evil. The evil souls have human emotional disorders. For example, they said that Hitler was beaten incessantly by his Austrian policeman father, therefore producing basic mental warping and abnormal brain chemistry. The soul of the young Hitler couldn’t handle the damage to his brain.

“Hitler’s soul needed energy reconstruction, which highly advanced elders help with. In the end Hitler will hold himself accountable, they said. Hitler’s purpose was to incarnate again as a person who holds himself accountable. Maybe one day we will find out who he chose to be next time around.*

“No one soul, even the Council of Elders, knows everything. Only God knows everything. But new energy that is entering the Earth plane is loosening up our amnesia as everything moves faster.” (pages 247-248)

What about Fear?


“I asked Dr. Newton about films and the effect of Hollywood on souls. He said the scariest film to most people was The Exorcist because most everyone is afraid of being possessed by the Devil. I found that intriguing and very disturbing because the writer of The Exorcist was a friend of mine, and we had spirited discussions about whether there was such a thing as evil. He wrote The Exorcist to prove to me that evil existed, and he patterned the leading lady, Chris MacNeil, after me. He even used a photograph that he had taken of my daughter on the cover of the book. I’ve often wondered if The Exorcist (which I turned down) launched me into my metaphysical search forty years ago.

“Dr. Newton said we humans love the experience of being frightened as long as it’s entertainment. We are attempting to figure out if fear is real or if it is taught. When we understand that fear is an externally taught emotion, we will dispense with it, and with that dispensation comes the letting go of hate. After hate goes . . . no more war.

“I think we need to reconsider the whole idea of fear, especially in its Biblical context. The word most often translated in the Old Testament as fear is yirah, but it also means awe, reverence, respect, and devotion. The King James translators also interpreted the Hebrew mowra as fear, but it can refer to an object of reverence or an awe-inspiring spectacle. It seems to me that it’s about time we reconsidered whether the God of the Bible is an entity who merits our fear, or perhaps instead deserves our respect and reverence. Personally, I vote for the second!

“Dr. Newton said his regressed patients say that Earth is one of the most difficult of all the schools because our Earth plane is the plane of polarity that we see in ourselves as we attempt to understand who we are. Life has an immortal identity we can’t see and which causes fear and confusion. Therefore, we have a stream of causality going in our karmic destiny over many, many lives.” (page 249-250)


During these frightening times, we are so concerned about a virus that could potentially wipe humanity out that we miss the most important life lesson that there could ever be:

We are One Another, and we need to see that we are all in this together.


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