Well, That Was a Surprise!

Mary Baker Eddy Reincarnated as My Mother

I asked my daughter, Rosanna, what she thought of yesterday’s post about Christian Science, hoping that she might give me a clue as to whom Eddy reincarnated as in our family. Her instant response was “Gran’mere.”

I’d never thought to include her in my research (which just goes to show you how I can be blind to obvious solutions). Compare the above image with this one of my Mom.

North Vancouver 1984

The way she holds her mouth closed is similar to Eddy’s smile. But, looks alone do not ‘prove’ any connection. There has to be links in their birth charts.

The closest conjunction? Jean’s Saturn with Eddy’s Midheaven @ 20° Libra. At the same time, Jean’s Venus is within 3° of Eddy’s Ascendant in Aquarius. And Jean’s Neptune is just over 1° from Eddy’s Mercury in Leo. And the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aries in Eddy’s chart is inconjunct Jean’s Midheaven in Virgo.

The more convincing aspects occur between Jean’s natal chart and Eddy’s ‘fatal’ chart. Eddy’s ‘fatal’ South Node (with Mars) is conjunct Jean’s Jupiter @ 17° Scorpio. Eddy’s ‘fatal’ Sun/Venus conjunction is close to Jean’s Ascendant in Sagittarius, while Jean’s Venus is almost exactly conjunct Eddy’s ‘fatal’ Mercury @ 22° Sagittarius. The interactive Yod, pointing at Jean’s Midheaven, is made up of two inconjuncts from Eddy’s ‘fatal’ Saturn (in Aries) and Midheaven (in Aquarius). And Jean’s Moon/Pluto conjunction in Cancer is closely inconjunct Eddy’s ‘fatal’ Sun. I’ll finish with one more aspect: Jean’s Venus in Sagittarius is opposite Eddy’s ‘fatal’ Ascendant (conjunct with Pluto) in Gemini. That should be enough for anyone’s curiosity.

Family ties are interesting. And we don’t know the half of what goes on behind the scenes in spiritual terms. Yesterday, I concluded that Khan’s wife was someone I know in the present, and just to demonstrate how we all recognize each other when we meet in the flesh, this woman got on with my mother ‘like a house of fire.’ We are blessed.


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