Can a Legendary Irish Saint Return in the 20th Century?

Brigid of Kildare (Died February 1, 525 AD)

This post started out as a discussion with my daughter, Amy, who disagrees with my assessment that her daughter is the reincarnation of my mother. She said her daughter came with her name already decided. OK. I can’t argue with a mother’s innate knowledge, but I can look at the situation astrologically.

So many things about this death chart could be wrong that it’s a matter of faith to even erect it. The Catholic Church think that the year of Brigid’s death is most likely 521 AD, and her saint day has been set for February 1st, the day formerly known to pagans as Imbolc (the first day of Spring). Even the timing of her death is unknown, so there is so much that might be spurious here. But, needless to say, when a Finger of God (Yod) shows up, it tends to ease my mental calisthenics.

But my main focus is to see if my mother was a reincarnation for Brigid.

Based on the combined charts shown above, I could not definitely state that they are one and the same. I suspect that the intermediary lives between 525 AD and 1923 altered the trajectory of their purposes here on earth. For one thing, I previously speculated that Mom was the reincarnation of another person from the 19th Century. But these things are based upon presumed relationships between past lives of my own with other people. So, the links are tenuous at best.

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