Question: Who Will Succeed, Zelenskyy or Putin?

Psycard Reading, Today

@ 8:55 am EST

Seems dumb to even attempt a double-headed question, but it came out that way as I was shuffling the cards. As you can see I got a NO on one side and a YES on the other, much as you would expect.

The curious thing for me is the Fortune card sitting in the middle, just below the Inquirer card. The rest of the cards seem more obvious, so I’m going to start in the middle and work my way outwards.


A seeker, lantern in hand, is shown ascending a winding staircase leading up to a garret where a treasure chest is waiting.

The card signifies the quest ending in fulfillment. It stands for success achieved by good luck, persistence, and an increase in wealth.

(Going to the Right)


Go ahead, a green light, an affirmative and positive card.

The Beast

A Dragon bars the path, fearful and malevolent.

The characteristics of the Dragon represent the challenge of facing up to evil. It stands for confrontation with the powerful dark forces of our unconscious mind; also for the bad temper and spiteful side of our natures; or that of others.

The Body

A body stripped of the outer layer showing the muscles and veins, on a squared background of enlarged veins, all in shades if red and blue.

This card initially stands for our physical make-up. Indicating health and bodily well-being, or lack of it. It also implies rhythms of our body which govern our health and happiness together with the meridians.

(Going to the Left)


Hold back, a red light, a stand-still and negative card.

The Liar

The jester comes forward onto the stage, balancing on one foot, and his expression can appear sly. A dropped purse lies at his feet whilst he holds aloft his replica and a mask.

This card stands for deception and the possibility that you are being deceived, or deceiving yourself. It symbolizes falsity, disguise, cheating, malice, and those occasions when one has to wear a mask to the world for whatever reason.


A scene of horror and carnage is depicted with a castle being stormed by medieval soldiers and a church burned. Fire, blood and cruelty are the order of the day, also a woman tied to a stake, helpless.

War, vandalism, wanton and futile destruction are unfortunately part of human nature. This is reflected in Indian mythology by the Goddess Kali. This card depicts the element in our collective psychology.

It is therefore a fearful one that warns of the destructive side of our own nature and that of others. If it has a positive side it is that without fire, sometimes, nothing new can be built.


It’s obvious, isn’t it? Putin is destroying his beloved Russia, even as he tries to destroy Ukraine. Zelenskyy, on the other hand, is facing his country’s worst fear and remaining healthy. No for Putin. Yes for Zelenskyy. Do you agree?

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1 Response to Question: Who Will Succeed, Zelenskyy or Putin?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Two months later, and despite the odds, Putin has not succeeded, and Zelenskyy is still OK.


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