Putin: Be Careful What You Ask For…

Tarot: 7 of Swords

This is my three-thousand-and-first post. I may be starting to write about other divinatory processes. As I sat down to write this, the Seven of Swords came to mind, so I decided to go with that image.

In the older version, this card showed a military camp in the background; here, from a different perspective, we can see a very tall castle or watchtower rising up from a hill. The man is probably going there, carrying his stolen swords. He is on tiptoe; he carries the swords by the blades. The image initially evokes the idea of a furtive action. The fact that the stolen objects are swords indicates the necessity to procure an efficient defense (a reading further reinforced by the castle). On the other hand, this man’s circumspect behavior indicates his fear of being found out. He doesn’t want people to know about the weapons he possesses; thus, they are dangerous for him, too — a fact demonstrated by the fact the man carries them by the blades. What are these weapons? They can represent many different things: a revealed secret, one or more powerful friends, a contract, a cure … many others will come to mind during the interpretation.

Tarot of the New Vision (page 113)

Maybe we’ve all jumped to the wrong conclusion about Putin’s intentions. Maybe this whole ‘invasion of Ukraine’ tactic is just to keep everyone at home happy with his leadership. He may have no other choice but to stand up to NATO, since encroachment on the old Soviet Union countries is a fact of the last 30 years, since the Iron Curtain was lifted. The nuclear weapons defense preparation seemed a little premature, at least to me. Putin thought it all would be done and dusted in a week, but he was mistaken.

It has been noted elsewhere that Ukraine gave back its nuclear missiles to Russia in exchange for the sovereign right to be considered a separate country. Evidently, the USA and the UK were signatories to their written agreement. Now, no one wants to ‘upset’ Putin, so this fact has been swept under the carpet.

But I am mindful of the Tarot cards that follow this one: 8 of Swords; 9 of Swords; and the 10 of Swords. Things could get progressively worse for Putin.

So, if I were him, I’d be very careful what I asked for…I might just get it: DEATH.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” (see Matthew 26:52)


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