How to Recall Your Dreams


Recollection of a Night Dream

We recently moved our bed. For most of three years it has been aligned east/west, mainly because of the layout of our bedroom. Spontaneously, my wife decided that it should be aligned north/south instead.

In the back of my mind, I remembered that Seth had spoken of this through Jane Roberts:

“I still suggest a more thorough examination of your dreams for many of them contain spontaneous projections. They are most apt to occur in the early hours, between 3:00 and 5:00 A.M. The body temperature drops at such times. Five in the afternoon is also beneficial from this standpoint. The drinking of pure water also facilitates projection, although for obvious reasons, the bladder should be empty. The north-south position is extremely important, and, indeed, is a necessity for any efficient dream recall. . . . Energy is most easily utilized in this position for one thing, and this cuts unnecessary restrictions to a minimum.”
(from Jane Roberts/Seth Quotes on Facebook)

This seems to be backed up by Feng Shui:

“Deciding where to position your bed is one of the most common challenges when setting up your home for nurturing feng shui energy. For example, you may have heard that you shouldn’t align the bed with the door…or have a mirror face the bed…or place the bed under a window or near a bathroom door… The list goes on. With so many feng shui “rules” (and so few options for bed placement in a typical bedroom), it’s easy to become overwhelmed, not to mention confused.”


Although I have always had good dream recall since first studying Seth’s words, in the last few days, my dream recollection has become much clearer.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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