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I Love It When Several Streams of Thought Converge

Whitley Strieber (June 13, 1945) As I intimated in my post yesterday, I’m reading Whitley Strieber’s latest book, “A New World”. It’s good for me since this book goes back to the original narrative of the events covered by “Communion”, … Continue reading

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From the Very Beginning, the True Religion

The Pagan Christ (2004) My cousin Doug’s wife, Margot, mentioned this excellent book in 2007 when I visited them in London, UK that spring. As you may have surmised by my manuscript that I compiled in 1996, I had already … Continue reading

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What Links Atlantis, the Pyrenees and Egypt?

The Law of One and the Goddess! Don’t you just love it when several divergent lines of thought come together? For weeks now, I’ve been skirting the edges of this knowledge, without making the conscious connection. It all started when … Continue reading

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Spiritual Advice: To Earth’s New Arrivals

    A Wanderer’s Handbook Carla Rueckert was the channel for the Ra Material. Years later, she decided to write this owner’s manual for new arrivals. It contains a lot of the channeled material from The Law of One series. … Continue reading

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