Spiritual Advice: To Earth’s New Arrivals



A Wanderer’s Handbook

Carla Rueckert was the channel for the Ra Material. Years later, she decided to write this owner’s manual for new arrivals. It contains a lot of the channeled material from The Law of One series. And some of it is very good advice.

Those of Q’uo also suggest our looking carefully at revealed religion for the one story that especially tugs at our hearts:

Each story appeals to those of a certain temperament. This entity has a temperament which finds the story of Jesus the Christ most helpful. Thus, it has become this entity’s way to objectify the shuttle of spirit, and to open within the heart and within the consciousness the gateway to intelligent infinity. There are other stories, many and various. We ask not that the spiritual seeker choose any particular one. We do ask that the seeker choose, and, having chosen, never look back. It may take as long as you wish in the incarnation to make that choice, but when the choice is clear, it is very well to move upon that path with the greatest intensity and devotion possible, for what you wish to do as a unique consciousness, or soul, is to become more and more powerful in the metaphysical sense. Until you have done the work of spirit involved in discovering the imperishable part of yourself, until you have made and dedicated the choice of how to love the infinite Creator, the self and all other entities, polarization cannot begin in any settled form which may deliver one more reliably into a denser light, and a more skillful use of that light in being and in manifestation, but most importantly in being.

If we look through all the mythical and religious structures of thought open to us and are inspired by none of them, then we can cross religious devotion off of our list of spiritual resources. But as a practicing Christian, I can testify to the efficacy of the religious system of my church in aiding my practice of devotion. In the first place, here is an excellent chance for weekly group worship, where the devoted faithful meet in spiritual community. We are able to hear inspirational readings, beautiful music, hopefully thought-provoking sermons and we are able to pray together. Further, we are able to relate to each other as members of a spiritually based group, reaching out to each other in a spirit of love and understanding it would be impossible to generate within most secular environments, and reaching out to the neighborhood around the parish in a ready response to felt need. We experience the changes in the “Ordo” throughout the so-called “church year,” which take the worshiper through seasons of rejoicing, hope, confession and dedication as well as epiphany and utter awe. Each religious system has such helpful structures within its practices. Before rejecting religions entirely, shop the supermarket, read some “holy works” and books about myth, especially when written by authors who infuse the topic with spirit-animating understanding, like Joseph Campbell. Don’t reject the systems until we are familiar with their basic natures through reading or experience.

Rueckert, Carla. A Wanderer’s Handbook (Kindle Locations 6848-6868). L/L Research. Kindle Edition.

Energy Transfer During Sex

This was a thought I had while working at the North Shore Credit Union. I was in the vault(!) and it occurred to me that sexual intercourse completes a circuit of the chakras of the two individuals. That was in 1984.

In this 2001 book, Carla references the fact that we’re all Bozos on this bus (from the Firesign Theatre album of the same name). That doesn’t excuse us for our crass behavior, but it does explain why we are sometimes far less noble than we intended to be.

It is a real voyage for a man who has been brought up in this culture to achieve actual fidelity, the joyful, freeing kind that enhances rather than delimits experience. In terms of sex itself, it is well to come to see this dynamic, and its consequences. Men will tend to stray, and women will tend to speak with sharp tongues about that tendency. This situation is sometimes reversed, it is to be noted! If our sex life is trammeled by this situation where the other is wishing for more partners than we, or we are wishing for more partners than our relationship can offer, be aware that this is evidence of a lower chakra blockage, either orange ray, due to lack of trust of the partner, or yellow ray, usually having to do with the fact that the partners are involved in a marriage or settled relationship and it does not any longer feel new. Work with the fear behind this urge, rather than condemning the urge. If we can avoid it, do not stray when in a sexual relationship, but by all means see into this situation with forgiving and healing vision.

With the advent of the opening of the heart within sexual activity, the possibility of sexual energy transfer is offered, and, oh, what a relief it is!

Questioner: Could you define sexual energy transfer and expand upon its meaning, please?

Ra: I am Ra. Energy transfer implies the release of potential energies across, shall we say, a potentiated space. The sexual energy transfers occur due to the polarizations of two mind/ body/ spirit complexes, each of which have some potential difference one to the other. The nature of the transfer of energy or of the blockage of this energy is then a function of the interaction of these two potentials. In the cases where transfer takes place, you may liken this to a circuit being closed. You may also see this activity, as all experiential activities, as the Creator experiencing Itself.

Rueckert, Carla. A Wanderer’s Handbook (Kindle Locations 5098-5112). L/L Research. Kindle Edition.

Dedicating the Self

I am now going to share all of this chapter here, because it explains so well how difficult it is to be a spiritual lighthouse, and/or be part of a spiritual community.

Deciding to live a devotional life is an immense, life-changing commitment. In 1968, Don Elkins asked me to undertake to set up for him and run a household which was a spiritually based community of souls whose values and ideals coincided, and whose service seemed to be better offered as a group. At that time, I had a lucid dream in which Don, as captain of a canal boat, took me on board and asked me if I was sure I wished to be with him. “If you remain aboard this boat,” he said in the dream, “you shall never see dry land again.” I took this advice to heart, which was a good idea, since it was so utterly true. The degree to which we at L/ L Research have been able to move actively into physical community has been variable. However, the ability to be a lighthouse and a spiritual community in the metaphysical sense (not implying physical nearness of the members) has moved from strength to strength as more and more people have become aware of and at home in our work. My life has changed completely since that first promise to Don. I regret not one whit of all of it. And it started with a conscious dedication of myself and everything I was to a life of faith and service.

The continuing beyond confusion, beyond distraction, beyond the difficulties, is much likened to the tempering of the metal in a tool that gives it strength, burnishing it that it might shine brightly and continue in its service with a renewed strength because of the difficulty, confusion and so forth. Thus, as you see the difficulty in motivating yourself to complete your meditations, this in itself is likened to a meditation where the focus falters and moves from the one point so that it must again be returned with patience and love to that one point. As you continue to accept the difficult portions of your journey and of your practices, you will find that there is an underlying strength that you build. To persevere and persevere and persevere is perhaps the most common and at times difficult portion of any seeker’s journey, yet to be aware that such is occurring within your own experience is an illustration of your own dedication upon another level.

I do not wish to sugarcoat this element of difficulty in dedicating the self to the “great work,” not either the first time, nor any time thereafter. Whether we are having trouble being faithful with meditations or with any other aspect of our spiritual practice, we will experience negative emotions. The dynamic common to most difficulties in dedicating the self to love is substantial frustration:

Each catalyst, each experience, each event within your illusion has the ability to temper the heart of the seeker, shall we say, the will of the seeker, the faith of the seeker. There is within frustration an inevitable re-dedication of the self to seeking, for the temptation is to stop, to quit, to rest, to have done with it.

It is going against the grain of cultural thinking to see in frustration and trials the refining fire of a friendly and helpful force. Yet this way of seeing and validating the inevitable movements between the open heart and the defended heart is correct, in my opinion, hard as it may be at first. Those of Q’uo say:

However well or poorly you may proceed at each moment that you experience in a conscious fashion, you try, you give, you offer in every instance of opportunity, and although you shall not fully succeed at all times or even in a majority of your attempts, it is the perseverance, the dedication, the continual reminders that you see about you and that you give to yourself, then, that are the refining qualities of the fire of experience that is yours within your evolution Seeing but glimpses of the one wishing to know more purely, sharing but partially, becoming weary with effort, pulling together the desire again and again and again, it is this desire that is your most honored ally upon this journey.

The dedication of the self, and the continuing affirmations of this choice of how to live, are indeed honored allies on this journey of love and service. Talking about one of the outer gifts, the Latwii say:

What matters, my friends, is that in whatever service you are attempting to perform, there lies beneath the surface an inner dedication that is not a veneer which washes away with constant use nor is rubbed away with idle chatter and stray thoughts, but instead remains, a kind of inner lodestar.

Following this lodestar of dedication of self, we are brought safely into a way of thinking about our experiences and life that allows us the most generous amount of freedom in working with ourselves, our catalyst and our destiny. To me, it is very absorbing to look into the present moments as they pass, seeing the love within them, seeing the rifts and inconsistencies of thought, seeing the whole spectrum of our spiritual practice. It can make us over-earnest.

We do not wish to unbalance your lives as you ponder the mysteries of service, for indeed very often the greatest service you can offer another is your own smile, your own light word, your own cheerful touch. Therefore, let your dedication be careful and deep. But do not forget to let the sunshine flow through all your thinking, and lighten it that your service may be pleasant and of good cheer. For it is with those about you that you shall wend your way as pilgrims. It is with those about you that the ever-changing present will come. Therefore, my friends, let your souls be merry and glad together, that in loving the one infinite Creator, you may love each other with the gentleness and forbearance requisite for each unique being in your life.

Rueckert, Carla. A Wanderer’s Handbook (Kindle Locations 9718-9763). L/L Research. Kindle Edition.


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