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Spiritual Advice: To Earth’s New Arrivals

    A Wanderer’s Handbook Carla Rueckert was the channel for the Ra Material. Years later, she decided to write this owner’s manual for new arrivals. It contains a lot of the channeled material from The Law of One series. … Continue reading

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  Depending on the time of month and mood, One understands another’s point of view: Not all the time, of course, but when you do, Tremendous feelings are not misconstrued. Perhaps there is a need: but why be rude? Unless … Continue reading

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“Young One” versus “The Donald”

This may seem a bit tongue-in-cheek, but this way to look at how two people relate can be quite revealing. I have combined their charts and produced a Compatibility Report using my Kepler 7.0 computer program. The Combined Charts The … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used to Be

My wife and I attended “The Ed Sullivan Show” revue at our local cultural centre last night. Some of the songs got me to thinking about how music shapes our earliest perceptions. The Ed Sullivan Show The Ed Sullivan Show … Continue reading

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