Is It Coincidence, or Something More?

The Celestine Prophecy (2006 film)

I’m usually not scathing of any film that attempts to demonstrate how spirituality works, but this one bothered me when I watched it. Partly because of the political regime violence depicted, partly because of the fear that was being portrayed. But these things are real for many people, so my criticism is based on a different perspective.

Spiritual Instruction

There are a lot of good spiritual hints contained in this film, in spite of my misgivings.

And once these lessons are learned, the student begins to look at the world differently.

Some Other Observations

There are two significant sequences in this film which are impressive and eye-opening.

Ordinarily, we see trees as being static. Their movements are so slow that we do not appreciate the life force that exists in them. But, if you have ever seen a stop motion film of the growth of a flower, for example, it comes alive when viewed at your ‘normal’ speed. That was demonstrated in the film quite well. (A bit like the Garden of Eden…)

The ending has an ‘other-worldly’ feel about it (see above). The premise of the story is contained therein: when we increase our spiritual vibration, we seem to become invisible to anyone who is in the ‘real’ world. I’m guessing this is what Ascension is supposed to be like.

But then, anyone, who has lost a loved one, still feels their continuous presence, even though they cannot be seen with ordinary eyes. That’s another hint, folks: the loved one’s vibration has been increased one level (at least) after they leave the physical body.


I am not a fan of the film (can’t you tell?) but I know that it is useful as a visual guide for those that haven’t read the book. I preferred the book.

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