COVID-19: Time to Think Positively

Preface to the Collection

King Solomon says in Proverbs that there is nothing new under the sun.

For thousands of years, life has been teaching us the same lessons over and over. Through war and peace; through rags and riches; through stories of hope and of despair; through tragedies and failure that end in triumph and success…

The lessons are simple, as simple are the values that originate them: Courage, Perseverance, Faith, Love, Truthfulness, Decision, Good Stewardship, Happiness…

Also, be extremely careful with what you think and how you think it. “As a man thinks, so is his life”, says the Bible. Like attracts like. Fear, Worry and Hate attract more fear, more worry and more hate, in all its manifestations. Positive thinking attracts positive things.

Countless sages of the ages have tried to convey these messages and lessons in different ways and formulas.

From Pythagoras to Plato; from Dante, to Da Vinci and Goethe; from Bacon to Shakespeare; from Emerson to Prentice Mulford; from Joan D’Arc to Helen Keller; from Ben Franklin to Abraham Lincoln… But we just keep ignoring them, and making the same mistakes…

(Mauricio Chaves-Mesén, Best Selling author of ‘‘ 12 Laws of Great Entrepreneurs“)

Coue, Emile. SELF MASTERY THROUGH CONSCIOUS AUTOSUGGESTION (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 456) (Kindle Locations 25-36). Business and Leadership Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Sometimes, we need reminding:

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