Jesus: How to Turn a Legend on Its Head

The Golden Bough (1963 version)

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I got given this book yesterday. It’s one I have quoted from in “The Star of Bethlehem” manuscript, but have never read. Now I have something to keep me busy through the long winter days and nights.

As I was walking our dog, this morning, I pondered the idea of the Sun dying at the winter solstice and being reborn in spring. The ancients saw this as a god’s journey through death back to life.

Now, we have the opposite idea: Jesus was born at Christmas and died before Easter (only to be resurrected three days later). That’s what I mean by turning a legend on its head.

However, seen from the spiritual side, Jesus died at Christmas, only to be reborn in spirit at Easter. See what I mean?

This took one third of a century to happen. Hmm.

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