The Moody Blues: Solo artists circa 1975-77


In 1974, the band members of the Moody Blues decided to take a break. When Mike Pinder tried to reunite them in 1975, the response was weak. Why? Because they were working on solo projects.

In 1975, the Moody Blues split up

Or so it seemed at the time. For those of us who were fans, this was like the Beatles’ split all over again. However, like the Beatles, the solo efforts of the band members would more than make up for the lack of Moody Blues’ music.

This is my recap of the albums that they released during their hiatus. I hope you enjoy the music videos.

Blue Jays – Justin Hayward and John Lodge

It was a clever play on words, the title of their joint album: the Canadian national bird’s name would ensure great sales in Canada.

Hayward and Lodge released a duo album, the very successful Blue Jays (1975), and a UK chart single, “Blue Guitar” (no. 8), which was credited to Hayward and Lodge even though it was actually just Hayward with 10cc backing him. The album had originally been a projected liaison between Hayward and Pinder, but after Pinder dropped out, John Lodge stepped in. (Wikipedia)

Then the two J’s decided to do solo albums.

Songwriter – Justin Hayward

As Justin had the more familiar voice on most pf the Moody Blues’ records, his first solo album sold very well.

He has continued to release several other solo efforts, even after the Moodies reunited.

Natural Avenue – John Lodge

John produced only one album in 1977.

He re-released this album as a CD in 1987.

From Mighty Oaks – Ray Thomas

Ray, who usually played the flute on the Moody Blues’ songs, also tried his hand at writing and singing a wholealbum.

He followed this album up with “Hopes, Wishes and Dreams”.

Kick Off Your Muddy Boots – The Graeme Edge Band

Graeme teamed with Adrian Gurvitz to produce the first of two albums together.

The second album was called “Paradise Ballroom”.

The Promise – Mike Pinder

Mike, who was the musical director of the Moody Blues live performances, also produced one album at the time.

His second album waited until 1995. It was called Among the Stars”.

Octave – The Moody Blues

When the Moody Blues reunited in 1978, the album they produced contained all their individualities in one place again. My favourite song from it was “Steppin’ in a Slide Zone”.

Although I had loved their individual efforts, I breathed a sigh of relief when they got back together. The world needed their collective work. We needed the Moody Blues.

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