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29 July 1992

In judging yourselves, you do yourselves great disservice. Judgement implies a lack of self-love and a denial of your greater self.

The time has come for you to realise that you already are, and always have been, Enlightened Beings, who are manifesting a tiny aspect of your enlightenment through the human personality. Because that tiny aspect of the higher self has, behind it, the force of totality, the experiences that you have are pin-pointed and condensed through form, and can create pain in the experiences. Much gain and wisdom can come from pain.

In that enlightenment that you already have access to, and have always had access to, the knowledge of totality is there, and to pass judgement upon actions which are such a tiny manifestation of the greater whole is like judging a freckle on the skin and saying the rest is bad. In that analogy you can see the foolishness of judgement. One tiny freckle upon the skin does not flaw the entire body.

Use this analogy in every area where you feel the experience of self-dislike. Does one tiny flaw destroy the beauty of the totality? The answer is obviously “no”, and very often the tiny flaws are regarded as enhancements, beauty spots!

In times of wretchedness, time of misery, you have an opportunity to recognise self-love for those beauty spots which enhance your Being.

Rundell, Fenella; THE WELLSPRING: Channelling for the White Brotherhood 1993 Fountain Trust Publishing, Torquay, UK


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