Uncivil War

KKK Then Now

The tiki torch parade on the eve of the Charlottesville, Virginia protest march was nothing short of a visual provocation. There can be no other explanation.

The organizers knew that it would inflame the “Alt” Left and bring out an opposition force ready for battle. That is why the ‘peaceful’ protestors carried shields, clubs and Confederate flags. They were hoping for a pitched battle in order to claim that they were unjustly attacked by the others. A call to arms for an “uncivil” war.

Protestors 11 Aug 2017

Courtesy of aol.com

If you’ve seen some of the pictures taken that night (August 11th, 2017), you can be forgiven for thinking that the ghosts of the South have risen again. And, as always, the monument of Robert E Lee is above them all in the background.

A Planned Event

It turns out that this was not the first attempt to protest the removal of Robert E Lee’s monument. They had tried in July, but did not succeed in getting the media coverage they were looking for. The call went out for more ‘troops’ and this time they were going to make the headlines.


Courtesy of vocativ.com

Take a good look at this picture. This is a KKK rally from April 27th 2016. You would have thought that the need for those hoods would have been gone a long, long time ago. But this photo was taken only 16 months ago. The “White Knights” are still active.


If you want a problem to go away, you need to find a different way to overcome it. “Resistance is futile” because that which you resist, persists.

We need to work together to become worthy of the term ‘human being’. Otherwise, we will never, ever have peace on earth, and good will to mankind.

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