So Sorry: We have to Apologize again


Justin Trudeau

Canadians say ‘sorry’ a lot. It must be something they put in the water. Just yesterday, Trudeau apologized to a Grassy Narrows protestor who crashed a Liberal fundraiser the night before, trying to highlight the mercury poisoning of their people. His reason? He had been ‘disrespectful’ by making a sarcastic comment (“Thank you very much for the donation” [see comment below]) when the protestor was being removed.

Honestly, something is going terribly wrong when a political leader feels he must apologize for a bit of light-hearted repartee. Shouldn’t the protestor have apologized for crashing the fundraiser? But that wouldn’t have made headlines, would it?

Just last week, Trudeau had to apologize to Parliament for breaking the rules about ‘no food’ in the House of Commons. This was during the marathon Budget vote instigated by the Conservatives to protest the Justice Committee’s shutdown of the SNC-Lavalin affair. What had he done? He’s eaten a candy bar at his seat.

Does Trudeau Say “Sorry” Too Often?


Last May, the Guardian newspaper wrote an opinion piece about the fact that Trudeau has apologized publicly so often. Then the BBC picked up the same thread a few days later. I suspect the Brits don’t understand our nation’s need to make amends for so many injustices that have been committed over our short-ish history.

Besides, women like to see a man being ‘sensitive’. That has been Trudeau’s trump card.

Now, it seems, it is also one of his weaknesses being exploited by the media. If they report every time he says ‘sorry’, the effect of his public pronouncements gets diluted.

This is, after all, an election year, and there is nothing more interesting for newscasters and editors than a close race. A sure bet wouldn’t sell newspapers or advertising at all.


As a citizen of Canada, I, too, am sorry for the things that were done to racial and cultural minorities in my name (even if they were done before I was born), but, like all acts of contrition, there can be too much of a ‘good thing’ which, in the end, ruins the effect.

Maybe the election this year will help Trudeau see that his lachrymose tears are no longer required. Maybe he’ll become a man again and lead us to a better future.

And, maybe, hell might freeze over.

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1 Response to So Sorry: We have to Apologize again

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    The Toronto Star called Trudeau’s comment ‘smug’ because the protester didn’t ‘crash’ the fundraiser, she pledged a donation of at least $1,500 a year in order to get into the event.


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