Con-Federation: Canada and Its Provinces


Our True North, Strong and Free (to fight with the rest)

National character is a very potent force when it comes to motivating individuals to join together. Regional character does the opposite. However, when it comes finding a common enemy, all the provinces and territories have the same one: the federal government.

Most of the provinces have voted in New Democrats or Conservatives in their local elections as a check and balance of the Liberals under Justin Trudeau. And the battle cry is always the same: ‘Elect us to help put a stop to the bureaucrats in Ottawa.’

The federal government, under Trudeau, has introduced carbon pricing to motivate individuals to make better choices in order to reduce carbon emissions. So far, four provinces (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick) have opted out. So the Liberals imposed a carbon tax on fuel and electricity in those provinces. Ontario has gone to court to fight the country’s right to do that.

And Alberta has been trying to get a pipeline from its oil sands through British Columbia to deliver its product to the world. B.C. has blocked their way. The new Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has promised to turn off the ‘tap’ to B.C., thus forcing them to pay more for the same product by importing it from the United States.

Today, there is a provincial election in P.E.I., where, potentially, the Green Party could win (which would be a first in Canada). Could this be a trend in the future?

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